Inside the JDA

Board of Directors

Current Officers:  

President - Tanner Johnson 

Vice President – Daunne Heilman

Treasurer – Susan Selensky

Secretary - Gary Kraft

The JDA Current Board Membership Is As Follows: 

Mayor – Arland Geiszler

County Commissioner – Terry Hoffert

City Council Member – Gary Kraft

Rugby School District – Dr. Mike McNeff – Superintendent

City Auditor – Jennifer Stewart

County Auditor – Karin Fursather. 

Financial Institutions:

Susan Selensky – Bremer Bank

Tanner Johnson – First International 

Pete Burgard – Merchants

Blair Brattvet – North Star

Sandra Wolf – Ramsey Bank

Amber Feickert – Farm Credit

At-Large Members:  

Daunne Heilman 

Bonnie Khuehnemund

Jodi Schaan

Rob St. Michel

Professional Staff: 

Executive Director/City of Rugby Economic Development Coordinator – Jessica Brossart

Regular Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month at Noon. Meetings are held at the Rugby JDA Office. Advance notice will be given if an alternative location has been chosen. Agendas will state location.

Organization Structure

The Rugby JDA Board of Directors are comprised of Community Leaders, Financial Institution Representatives, and local business representatives appointed by the governing body of the City of Rugby. According to North Dakota Century Code (state law), the members of the Job Development Authority Board of Directors serve for a term of three years or until their successors are duly qualified. Terms of office shall begin on January first and must be arranged so that the terms of office of approximately one-third of the members expire on December thirty-first each year. Each member of the board shall qualify by taking the oath provided for civil officers. The oath must be filed with the city auditor. The board of directors shall annually elect members to serve as chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer. They shall also select an executive committee with such powers and duties as may be delegated by the board of directors. Members may be reimbursed from funds available to the authority for mileage and expenses at the rates provided for state employees but members may receive no compensation for service. 

Rugby JDA Board policies and procedures state that membership shall be comprised as follows:

The Mayor of the City of Rugby, a county commissioner, a city council member, a representative from the Rugby Public School, (may be) representatives from each financial institution in the community, a representative from the public utilities within the community, and seven at-large members. The policies manual also states that the seven at-large members may only succeed their three–year term only once.  

The history behind the current Rugby Job Development Authority membership policies were as a result of loan pool created in the early 1990’s for the Robodyne Project. There was a loan pool committee established to oversee the “loan pool fund” that included local banks, Otter Tail Power and other utility companies for consultation and advice. This committee was formed for the Robodyne project and other similar projects. Local investors and Ottertail “loaned” money to loan pool fund and were paid back when financing was obtained. Ottertail has since divested any money that was originally part of the loan pool. All of the banks were on the loan pool committee because they were taking turns being the lead bank on different projects so that the risk could be spread out.  

JDA Meeting Agendas

2018 Agenda for March 27 2018 Regular JDA Meeting (docx)


Agenda for April 26, 2018 Regular JDA Meeting (docx)